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Verify your ID

You may need to verify your ID once you deposit over $1,000 NZD into your Sharesies Wallet.

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Why you’d need to verify your ID

  • we were unable to verify your ID when you signed up to Sharesies, and

  • you’ve topped up your Sharesies Wallet by more than $1,000 NZD.

The $1,000 deposit amount includes bank deposits and card top-ups into your Sharesies Wallet, transfers of NZX-listed investments into your Portfolio—or a Kids Account Portfolio you manage—and any Sharesies Gifts you’ve redeemed.

Referrals, dividend payments into your Sharesies Wallet, or promo bonuses are not included.

Verifying your ID is also part of our anti-money laundering requirements.

What you may need to verify your ID

  • a valid NZ driver licence OR

  • a valid NZ passport.

You’ll often need to provide a different ID than the one you used to sign up to Sharesies.

To verify your ID, Sharesies uses Cloudcheck—an electronic identity verification tool from our trusted third provider, Verifi. It captures the image of your face and ID, then passes them onto Sharesies for safe-keeping. The images are automatically deleted from Verifi’s systems after 7 days. Read Verifi’s Data Retention Policy.

Sharesies securely stores your ID info solely for the purpose of verifying your identity as per our Privacy Policy.

How long it will take to verify your ID

You’ll have 14 calendar days to verify your ID. Once you submit your ID for review, it can take up to two working days to verify.

If you don’t verify your ID after 14 calendar days

Your account will be frozen. You’ll still be able to view your Sharesies Portfolio and access your account settings, but you won’t be able to top up, buy and sell investments, or withdraw.

If your account is frozen, message the team at

I’ve failed ID verification

No stress—if this happens, we’ll get in touch via email and let you know what steps you need to take next.

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