How long does it take? 

Topping up your Sharesies Wallet by bank transfer normally takes as long as a bank transfer between banks. This means during business hours, it can be a few hours, and over the weekend and public holidays it can take a few days—it all depends on your bank!

How to top up your Wallet

We recommend setting an automatic payment into your Wallet. This way you’ll always have money to make the most of investment opportunities, and can use auto-invest as needed 😊

1. Log in at

2. Select Wallet.

3. Go to Top up with bank deposit.

4. You'll see the details for Topping up with bank deposit to use for your bank transfer. This includes your unique customer reference, which you'll need to include as a reference in your bank transfer to Sharesies.

5. Log in to your internet banking. Set up an automatic payment.
You're paying: Sharesies NZ (or Sharesies Nominee Ltd if you're choosing a Saved Company). 

What's next?

Once your bank has made the transfer, it will be put into your Sharesies Wallet. This normally takes about as long as a bank transfer between banks. This can be the same day on weekdays, and a few days over the weekends—but it really depends on your bank. 

We'll email you when the money is in your Wallet. You can then log in at and choose where to invest your money!

Making a one-off payment

The process is the same as setting up an automatic payment, except you have to do this manually each time.

Don’t forget your unique customer reference number! You can find this in your Wallet > Top up with bank deposit.

Topping up with a card

You can also top up your Wallet with a card. Be aware, there is a fee to do this. To do this in Sharesies, select Wallet > Top up with a card > Enter the amount you’d like to top up > Select Next. You can either choose to pay with an existing saved card, or enter the details of a new card.

Topping up with a card has a card processing fee of 2.65% + $0.18. We’ll let you know the amount of the fee when you choose your top up amount, so there are no surprises at checkout! For your first ever Wallet top up (of up to $100), we’ll cover the card processing fee for you!

Topping up with a credit/debit card should appear in your Wallet almost immediately.

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