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Collection Pages
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Groups of related products are called product collections in Shopify and categories in BigCommerce. Product collections or categories are created in Shogun Frontend when a collection is created in your Shopify store or a category in your BigCommerce store. As with the Products content group, Frontend will pull all standard data from Shopify or BigCommerce needed to display the collection or category in Frontend, such as products, banner image, title, and description.

As the processes for collections and categories are the same, we will be referring to collections in this guide for clarity. Collection pages in Shogun Frontend are highly customizable, but this guide will outline creating the sections and template for a basic collection page layout to get you started.

Planning Collection Pages

Prior to creating your collection pages, we recommend you plan your layout and design. This will allow you to determine the sections and components needed. Now would also be a good time to confirm SEO requirements and outline structured data.

Creating the Collections Template

Connecting the collections CMS group to a template will auto-generate a page for each content item within the group, so a page will not need to be created for each collection.

Creating your template

  1. From your store, navigate to Templates from the navigation sidebar.

  2. Click Add Template.

  3. Name the template Products.

  4. In the Use this template for ... dropdown menu, select ProductCollections.

  5. Save.

Blank collection pages will be auto-generated. The next step will be to create a ProductGrid Section linked to collection content and add it to your template. For instructions to create this section, see Your Homepage.

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