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Position the location of the signature with the Signhost App
Position the location of the signature with the Signhost App

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To be able to use the Signhost app, you must first download the app and create an account. Read more about this in the article Getting started with the Signhost App!

Create a new transaction and upload your document(s).

After uploading the document(s) choose the 3 dots next to the document name to open an aditional menu.

By clicking on 'Assign signature fields' the document will open to place the signature.

By clicking on the document a signature box appears that you can move around with your finger.

Click on ‘Save’. Now you have added the location for the signer tag.

Proceed with the sending of the document to the signer.

Deleting a signature box

If you want to delete a signature box, press and hold the box to remove it.

Adding multiple signatures to the document

You can add multiple signature boxes for the same person by simple pressing again on the document in the screen. The additional box will appear.

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