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ZealiD Qualified Electronic Signature (on PC)
ZealiD Qualified Electronic Signature (on PC)

Sign a document with a QES signature - EU Qualified Electronic Seal

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This article explains how to verify using ZealiD on a PC or laptop. Are you using a mobile device?
Please refer to this article instead.

You have been asked to sign a document with ZealiD. What to do?

When a document needs to be signed following the most secure requirements, a sender can choose to require a qualified electronic signature (QES). At Evidos, we use ZealiD as one of the providers for qualified electronic signatures. There are a few steps you need to take in order to successfully verify and sign.

Create a ZealiD account

To be able to user ZealiD you first have to download the mobile app on your smartphone via the App Store or Google Play. After that you have to connect your ID information within the app whilst creating a account. You only have to do this once. Please note that the email and phone codes are valid for around 10 minutes before expiring.

Verify using ZealID with Signhost Signing

Please note that these instructions were made on an iPhone with iOS. Usage and therefore the screenshots may vary if you are using an Android smartphone.

  • First click on the sign invitation link in the email to open the document(s) in your browser;

  • After you've read the document(s) press the button 'Next';

  • (Optional) If the sender requires your signature, you will be asked to add your signature and press the button 'Verify';

  • The window below will open:

  • Open the ZealiD app:

  • Click on 'Scan QR code';

  • Scan the QR code;

  • You will now see your personal information:

    Recently we changed to a new product name: Signhost. The ZealiD app is (for now) still using our old product name: Evidos.

  • Check if the digits match the digits within the QR code on your computer browser, if so: proceed;

  • Click on 'Log in with Face ID';

  • Authentication is completed:

  • The QR code in the computer browser will change as you will now sign the document:

  • Open the ZealiD app again and click on 'Scan QR code';

  • Scan the QR code;

  • Check if the digits match the digits within the QR code on your computer browser, if so: proceed;

  • You can now confirm that you will sign the document,:

  • Click on 'Sign with Face ID';

  • Signing is completed;

  • Press 'Continue';

  • In your computer browser you will be forwarded to our signing portal;

  • Your browser will automatically move on to the next step in the Signhost signing process;

  • This completes the signing process.

Our support team is happy to assist you via chat or via

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