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Watchlist - My custom squeeze column in TOS shows bad results
Watchlist - My custom squeeze column in TOS shows bad results

Why is the info in the squeeze watch list different than what the squeeze indicator is showing on the chart?

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You load the squeeze watchlist and see a symbol you want to check on with a chart.
When you look at the chart, the squeeze is not matching up with what the Squeeze watchlist is telling you. What gives? 


In the below screen shots are two watch list scan columns called SQ_1hr_RTH and SQ_1hr_ETH.
Both set to 60 minutes.
The left column is regular trading hours (RTF).
The right is set to extended trading hours (ETF).
The charts to RTF witch means that the extended hours checkbox in the settings menu is not checked and the results did not seem accurate.
The second screen shot is the same setup, but the chart setting in the equities tab is set to show extended hours and the result seems accurate.

The charts should all show the same information as the data in the watch list, but they are not... 

But when the chart setting are on extended hours trading the data matches the indicator on the chart. 

If your intra-day charts are not showing the same information as the scan in the watch list, be sure to UN-check "Start aggregations at market open" AND UN-check "Show Extended-Hours Trading session".
In the settings menu, click on the appropriate tab for the market you are trading. 

In this case the Equities tab.
UN-Check "Start aggregations at market open". 

If you are trading a non-24 hour market (Equities or Options), set your chart(s) settings to the following: 

  1. UN-Check "Show Extended-Hours Trading Session

  2. UN-Check "Start aggregations at market open

Ensure that the time frame of the watch list column is the same as the time frame of the chart. 

If the above conditions are met, then the squeeze on the chart should match the data on the watch list as in the below screen shot.

To change the time frame of the watch list column, see this helpful document HERE, as well as the instructions below. 

( 1 ) Click on the settings gear wheel icon in the watch list:

( 2 ) Choose customize: 

( 3 ) Click on the icon to the left of the name of the column. It resembles a scroll or parchment paper:

( 4 ) Left click on the time frame menu next to the column name dialog. Choose the time frame from the drop down menu:

( 5 ) Be sure to UN-check the "include EXT" button for non-24 hour markets (Equities and Options): 

The RTH and ETH column in this example are both on the same watch list just for explanatory purposes, for the watch list under normal usage, just use the column(s) that are set to the appropriate market (extended or not extended hours). 

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