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Troubleshooting - Issues using the Simpler Trading mobile app
Troubleshooting - Issues using the Simpler Trading mobile app

Audio, video, white screen, or problem or incompatibility with the mobile application on a phone, tablet, device and need help!

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Manually deleting the mobile app:

Android Settings > Storage > Other apps > Simpler Trading > Clear storage (proceed to deleting app as usual)

iPhone General > iPhone Storage > Simpler Trading > Delete App (button in red)

See also image below.

Video and Audio troubleshooting

First try the following:

  1. Force close the app

  2. Relaunch Simpler Trading

  3. Login

If that doesn’t work, try...

  1. Log out

  2. Delete the app

  3. Re-download from the App Store

  4. Relaunch the Simpler Trading app

  5. Login (use same login as on the computer)

Also try the following:

  • Try the app on another device, if available. Do you have the same experience? Is the problem specific to that device?

  • Try switching network from cell to wifi or visa versa.

  • Force update the system software on you device.

There may be a variety of reasons you will want to try the above steps. For instance: Changes in the disposition of your account may not automatically update in the mobile app.

Before contacting Simpler Trading, please check our mobile status here: 


If contacting Simpler, please provide:

  1. Device type (Android / iOS)

  2. OS version

  3. Wifi or Cellular Service

  4. Simpler Trading App Version

  5. Problem and the steps you took to attempt to resolve

  6. Relevant screenshot or screen video capture

The Simpler Trading Mobile App is your gateway to live content on your Mobile device.

When unexpected issues do occur, it can be a frustrating experience.

The issue may possibly be an update to your particular model device, or...

Sometimes there is another app that is conflicting with the Simpler App. Several customers in the past have reported that they uninstalled a different app that caused conflicts with the simpler trading app with successful results.

Should you need to contact, please see below.

Have you tried the following ...

  • Close all other apps (esp. music apps).

  • Completely shut down (powered off) the device and restarted?

  • Tried logging out and back in? If yes, then try logging out, un-installing and then re-installing the app? 

  • Did you check to see if your mobile device is supported (see link below)?

  • Does the app have an issue on one mobile device, some, or all mobile of your devices? 

  • Are you connected to a corporate network or VPN?  If so, for troubleshooting purposes, try connecting to a home network the VPN turned off. 

  • Is "allow data usage while data saver on" turned off? Try turning off data saver from the settings menu.

  • Is your cellular data "ON" ?

After checking the above, please provide as much detail about your issue as possible.
For example: 

  • When did you first notice the issue? 

  • What is the make and model of your mobile device? 

  • Are you running the latest version of the mobile operating system?

  • Please bullet point as many details about your issue as you can.

Examples of questions we might ask you would be:  

  • Can you login?

  • At what point running the app are you having an issue? 

  • Everything is fine with the app, except when you tap on ___ .

  • Do you get an error message? What is it? 

  • Are other apps running slow or misbehaving?

  • Did you install another app just prior to noticing the issue?

  • Are you using WiFi or data? 


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