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How do I get all of my Multi Time Frame Label studies to display?
How do I get all of my Multi Time Frame Label studies to display?

Some or all of the Multi 10X, Multi Squeeze, Multi Cross, Multi Range or Big 3 Signals labels are not displaying on my chart.

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"I can only get some Multi-10X labels to show in my chart, how can I get the rest?" 


 If you see limited labels, it typically means you either need to increase the amount of data loading on the chart, or to lower the chart's time frame.




The amount of historical data loaded on the chart can affect how many labels are displayed.

In this screenshot, there is 1D (one day) of data on a 1m (one minute) chart; shown as:
1D : 1M in the time frame setup menu. 

Notice that the Monthly, Weekly and 4Day label studies do not display. This is because there is not enough data to display the higher time frames properly.


In this screenshot, all of the labels display because there is enough data on the chart for the monthly label to display properly. In this case the time frame selected is a custom time frame set to  30D : 1m, or 30 days of data on a 1 minute chart.  

Be sure that you are loading enough data to display your highest time frame label correctly.

Increase the the amount of historical data being shown. 



Another thing that may cause your labels not to display is the time frame you are in. 

Your chart must be set to a time frame equal to or lower than the lowest time frame label that you are trying to display. 

For example, to display a 30 minute label, your chart must be set to 30 minutes or lower. 


This is a 1 minute chart. Notice all labels are showing.
This is because all the labels are equal to or higher than 1 minute.  


On this 30 minute chart, only labels set to a time frame equal to or higher than 30 minutes are displaying.
Notice that all labels lower than 30 minutes are not displaying. 


In this example, the chart is a daily chart. Only the daily or higher labels will show. 


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