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Live session schedule not showing on member dashboard.
Live session schedule not showing on member dashboard.

Change zoom, cookies or browser to show the presenter / trading Room schedule.

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Presenter Schedule displays blank or missing



There can be one of several reasons you are not seeing the presenter schedule on the right side of your member dashboard. 

  • Page zoom

  • 3rd party cookies

  • Incompatible browser



1 - Browser window page zoom factor / sizing

Sizing the browser window

In your browser, reduce the zoom factor. 

For example, in Google Chrome, left click on the customize and control menu in the upper right of your browser window. From the drop down menu, click on the minus zoom button to reduce the zoom until you see the schedule.  



2 - 3rd Party Cookies

In this example, in Google Chrome go to:
Customize and control menu > Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > Cookies and site data > Allow sites to save and read cookie data
Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Choose Allow all cookies or Block thrid-party cookies in Inognito


If you want to disable 3rd party cookies and want the schedule to show, add an exception under Privacy and security > General settings > Sites that can always use cookies

Click Add

Enter the address:

Click on Add again and add the address:

Click Add.

It should now look like:

Reload the member dashboard, you should now see the schedule showing.


3 - Incompatible Browser

Please try using a different browser like Firefox or Chrome. Internet explorer is no long supported by Microsoft and does not work with our site. Safari is not recommended. Please see link below for more information. 

General Browser Maintenance and usage

Supported browsers

Troubleshooting - Issues using the Simpler Trading Website / live trading

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