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Troubleshooting - Issues using the Simpler Trading Website / live trading
Troubleshooting - Issues using the Simpler Trading Website / live trading

Website / live room not displaying properly / having technical issues loading, problem with video, viewing, settings.

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Please also see:

"General Browser Maintenance and usage"

under Related Links below.

Before contacting Simpler Trading

Please check our site status to see if there are any known issues. 

Logging into a live room.

Note: There is a known issue logging into the live rooms for Last Pass users.

If you use the Last Pass extension in your browser and are not able to login to the live room, please log into the Simpler site from a private window / incognito window from the upper right menu of your browser; this will allow you to login to the live room page. Also, disabling the Last Pass extension in your browser will also allow logging into the live room from any browser window.

Provide as much detail about your issue as possible.

For example:

  • When did you first notice the issue?

  • Mac or PC?

  • What operating system are you running?

  • What steps have you taken so far?

  • Please bullet point as many details about your issue as you can.

Examples of questions we might ask you:

  • Can you login?

  • At what point did you start to notice an issue?

  • Everything is fine, except when you click on ___ .

  • Do you get an error message? What is it?

  • Are other apps running slow or misbehaving?

  • Are you using WiFi or hardwired to your router?

Have you tried the following ...

Troubleshooting will vary depending on circumstances.

Here are a few suggestions

  • Try Google Chrome. 

  • Is Chrome up-to-date (see screenshot below)?

  • You have closed and re-opened the browser. 

  • You have tried logging in through an incognito window.

  • Shut down (powered off) the device are restarted.

  • You're on a computer, not a mobile device. 

  • Is this happening on just this device or more than one device? 

  • You're not using a VPN or on a corporate network.

  • You have tried using a different browser like Firefox and experience the same issue.


Video / Sound issues

Blurry or inconsistent video is almost always a bandwidth issue. The live trading room uses a lot of bandwidth, do to the video being live, and there is also a live chat using bandwidth as well.

  • If you are using a wireless connection, try moving closer to the router. 

  • Try being hardwired to the back of the router or try plugging the network cable a different port on the back of the router. 

  • Recorded video should play fine with any normal high-speed data connection.

  • Run an internet speed test from an ISP (see below links). Just because Netflix or YouTube video play fine does not mean bandwidth and latency are good, those services may have dedicated servers at your ISP.

  • Occasionally, the recording may be flawed, in which case, send us a link to the video and we'll see if there is a suitable backup copy we can post instead.

  • Sound (or video) issues that can't be solved through settings could be due to incompatible or outdated drivers, or driver updates that overwrite previously compatible drivers.   

Further Steps:

1) Submit a screenshot of your console:

Should you not be able to determine the issue in Chrome using the steps from above, or the related links at the bottom of this page, please see the following:

If you are still having an issue, please get a console log from the browser...

With the Simpler page active, Press F12 on your keyboard.

If F12 doesn't work, use the drop-down menu: More Tools > Developer Tools.

When the screen changes, click on Console.

Click the reveal arrow next to the number on the left side of the listed issue to also display the most recent issues, if there are any.

Copy the text or take a screenshot and send to

2) Submit your IP Address (if possible):

Try using to display your public facing IP address.

Copy and send your IP address to Simpler Trading.


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