How do I add a menu?

Learn how to create an itemized menu, a free form (copy & paste) menu, upload a PDF or image of your menu to your website.

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Step 1 - Click the "Menus" tab from the sidebar, then click "Add a Menu" to add your first menu or "Create New Menu" for additional menu.

Step 2 - Choose a method for uploading your menu. 

Refer to the links below for step by step tutorials:

Step 3 - Enter the name of the menu you're adding.

eg. Lunch, Dinner, Wine, etc. Then click “Create this menu”

Step 4 - Add a note.

  • You can add a note or a short description of the menu by clicking the [gear icon] beside the menu title.

  • You can add a note that appears on top or at the bottom of the menu.

Step 5 - Publish the menu.

  • Slide the visibility switch to make the menu is available and accessible from the website’s navigation menu.

  • If you have multiple menus, each menu page will appear as a drop-down option when "Menu" is clicked on the Navigation menu.

  • To edit, delete, duplicate, or make the menu invisible from the navigation menu, click the 3-dot icon and select an option.

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