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How to Display Menus on Multiple Dropdowns
How to Display Menus on Multiple Dropdowns

Learn how to display your menus on separate dropdowns from the main navigation menu

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Step 1 - Make sure the menu you want to display has been created.

If you haven't created a menu yet, click here for the step by step tutorial.

Step 2 - Hide the main menu dropdown from the navigation bar

By default, all active menus will be displayed under the "Menu" dropdown, we recommend hiding it from the navigation bar to avoid redundancy.

  1. Go to the Website Dashboard > Pages

  2. Click the dropdown arrow for the Menus Page, and select "Make it private"

Step 3 - Add a Dropdown Button

  1. Scroll down and click "Add a dropdown"

  2. Enter a button name for the dropdown (eg. Lunch Menu)

Step 4 - Add a Link

Scroll down and click "Add a Link"

  1. Enter the menu name you want to be displayed as a dropdown option

  2. Type in the path name of the menu page. "Path" simply means the URL of the page you want people to be redirected when they click the menu name (see below how to get the path name)

  3. Click "Add"

In the example below, "Starters" would be the page title.

The path name should start with "menu" and followed by the path name found on the menu you created. The sample format would be: menu/starters

Step 5 - Drag the Link to the Dropdown

Drag the link into the Dropdown you created in Step 3, the set the link to be "Visible"

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