Add an Itemized Menu

Upload your menu by item. Supports dietary tags and is easily read by Google.

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Step 1 - Add Menu Sections.

  • Click the [Create a Section] button.

  • Enter a section title.

  • Add an optional note for the section.

  • You can also upload an image for the section.

  • Click [done] to save your changes.

Note: We recommend adding all the sections of the menu before adding the menu items. 

  • You can re-arrange the menu sections by dragging the sections from the right-hand side of the page; or by clicking the up and down arrows on the section itself.

Step 2 - Add Menu Items.

  • Select a section to work on, then click [+ Item] to start adding menu items.

  • Optionally, you can add [Sub-section] within a section (eg. seasonal items).

  • Enter the item name, description, and upload an image.

Step 3 - Add Item Price & Tax. 

Select a "Single" or "Multi" price option. Select the “Multi Price” option if the item has multiple sizes (e.g. small or large portions).

Single Price Point

Multiple Price Point

Switch ON tax and select a tax option (if applicable), click here to learn how to setup tax options for your online store.

Step 4 - Select Dietary Details (optional).

Click [Dietary Details] then check off applicable restrictions.

That's It!

Don't forget to publish your menu, click here for the tutorial.

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