How to Set Up Sociavore Reservations

Enable reservations, put a Reserve button on your website, and understand how reservation requests work

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Optimize your restaurant's online guest experience by seamlessly integrating with Sociavore's reservation feature. We'll guide you through the customization settings, how to add a button for customers on your navigation bar, and a peek at how managing incoming reservations works.

Step 1 - Accessing Reservation Settings

1.1 Log in to Sociavore

- Visit and log in.

1.2 Navigate to Account Settings

- Click on your profile icon in the top right corner.

- Select "Account Settings."

1.3 Go to Reservations Tab

- Within Account Settings, go to the "Reservations" tab.

navigation to reservation settings under account settings

1.4 Enable Reservations

- Locate the "Reservation" button with a gear icon on it.

- Toggle the reservation settings from disabled to enabled.

You can pause the acceptance of reservations at any time by disabling this toggle.

Step 2 - Customizing Reservation Settings

2.1 Choose a Reservation Service

- Sociavore offers a built-in reservation service and it will be the focus of this guide. Feel welcome to use it!

- If you are using a different reservation service, click on the relevant option and within the "Reservation Service" dropdown and follow the prompts to connect it.

2.2 Adjust Settings

- Customize options such as min/max party size, lead time, and reservation notification preferences. For example, you can limit requests to a maximum of 20 people, and only allow reservations requested more than 24 hours in advance.

- Set guest notifications, including SMS and email reminders.

- Customize text options for pre-booking notes and cancellation policies.

2.3 Add Team Member Contacts

- Scroll to the bottom to add team members who will receive reservation notifications. You can also add email addresses. Any contact on this list will be notified when a guest submits a reservation request.

Remember to hit SAVE!

Step 3 - Implement a Reservation Button on Your Website

Check if a reservation CTA is visible on your site. Usually this can be found as a "Reserve" button on the navigation bar (as seen in Step 4.1). You may already have one, but if not, you can add one with the following steps.

3.1 Find Your Pages

- Navigate to the "Website" and then the "Pages" tab. Here you will see all your existing pages and links.

3.2 Add the Reserve Button

- Click the "Action" button, and select to add a "Reserve" button. This will appear automatically in the "Call to Action" portion lower down on this page.

adding a reserve button to your website

Step 4 - The Guest Experience of Making a Reservation

4.1 Clicking Reserve Button

Guests can click the "Reserve" button on your website to open a prompt. Then they will choose the date and time for their reservation and enter their details to submit the reservation request.

You can also link guests to reservations from anywhere using the "/reserve" power link. Read more about that here!

reservation button and corresponding pop-up

Step 5 - Managing Reservation Requests

5.1 View Reservation Requests

- Similar to where you enabled reservations, select the "Requests" tab to view any outstanding requests. Here you can choose to accept the request or view further details by clicking the three vertical dots.

requests tab

5.2 Review and Accept

- Review incoming requests, mark down availability however your manage reservations in your restaurant, and accept reservations to notify the customer. You can also reject a request or suggest an alternative time.

Step 6 - View a Day's Reservations

On the "Guest List" tab, select a date to view all of the approved reservations for that day. You can see the guests' contact details, send out reminders, and mark them as seated. As Sociavore reservations do not support table management, use this information in-house however works best for you.

guest list for a particular day
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