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Two Columns of Text

Learn how to add and customize a Two-Column Text block section on a page

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To add a Two-Column Text block section on a page....

  1. Click "Add Section" from the side bar

  2. Select and add "Two Columns of Text" 

  3. Then click "Add Block" to add the Two-Column Text block into the page

Step 1 - Text Alignment Settings
Select left, right, or center alignment for both columns

Step 2 - Enter Text Content for Each Column

  • Heading - title or short introduction about the paragraph

  • Text - longer text description

Step 3 - Button Settings (optional)

Keep the button fields blank if you don't want to display a button below the text content. 

  • Button Label - enter text to be displayed inside the button

  • Button Link - paste in the URL you want people to go to when button is clicked

The Honey Theme Template has 2 additional features that is not available with other templates:

Add a Background Image

  • Optionally you can add a background image for the entire section block, or check the "no background image" box to remove the background image. 

  • Increase / decrease the background transparency. Increasing the transparency will make the background image darker.

Add a Section Header

A Section Header is a piece of text that you can add on the left side of the Two-Column Text Block. 

  • Click "Add Block" then select "Header"

  • Enter a title for the section

Don't forget to save your work!

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