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How to Import Photos from an Instagram Account
How to Import Photos from an Instagram Account

Learn how to connect your Instagram account and import photos that can be used on any page, posts, and event posting.

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Imported photos from your Instagram account can be easily added to any page on the website, including published posts, blog posts, and event postings. 

Step 1 - Connect Your Instagram Account

Step 2 - Access Your Instagram Photos

Click the "Photos" tab on the left sidebar. Once you've successfully connected our Instagram account, all photos are automatically imported into the Photos tab.

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You can Delete Images from the Instagram Album

Click the "See More" button to load more images from your Instagram account. Optionally, you can delete any images for this album (deleting will not affect your photos on your Instagram account)

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​Where Can You Use Instagram Photos?

Within your Sociavore account, you can...

Once your Instagram account is connected, your Instagram photos will appear on a photo-upload pop-up whenever your try to add an image.

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