Create and Post Upcoming Events

Learn how to create, manage, and publish event posts

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To create and manage your event posts, click the "Publish" tab on the left side menu, then click "Events"

Step 1 - Click "Create an Event"

Step 2 - Enter an Event Title

You can also enter an event category to organize different type of events.

You can toggle the visibility switch to show / hide the event from the live page.

Step 3 - Enter Event Time and Dates

Take note that the website will only display events that are current or in the future. It will not display events with a date in the past.

Step 4 - Enter the Location and Address of the Event

Optionally, you can add any custom URL for more information about the event.

Step 5 - Upload Images

Step 6 - Enter a Description about the Event

Step 7 - Publish the Event Post

You can save the post as a draft or click "Go Live" to make the event available on the website. Make sure to set the "Events Page" as visible on your website.

Here's a sample screenshot of how your events will be displayed on the website.

Edit & Delete Events

You can edit and make changes to any events you've previously saved. You can also delete them them.

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