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Connect Your Social Media Accounts
Connect Your Social Media Accounts

Connect and display your Instagram, Facebook Page, and Twitter posts

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Connecting your Social Media accounts allows you to make your social media posts appear on the “Recent Posts” section found on your website’s homepage.  Click here to learn about Publishing Posts

Note: If you're trying add to your Social Media links to the Footer or Action Bars, refer to these articles instead: Footer Settings, How to Add Social Media Links on the Desktop Action Bar

From the “Home” Tab, click the “Connect Your Social Media Accounts” button on the checklist. You can also access this later by clicking on “Settings” found on your avatar’s dropdown menu found on the top right corner of the screen.

Click “Social” from the right hand panel, then click the social media button that you want to connect to.

Connect an Instagram Account

Connecting your Instagram Account allows you to access your Instagram photos within your Sociavore account. You can then select and use any of your Instagram photos anywhere in the website. 

Step 1 - Create a Facebook Account

Step 2 - Connect Your Instagram Account to Your Facebook Page

Make sure that your Instagram acccount, is a Business or Professional Account. If you're not sure, follow the steps below.

  1. In your mobile device, log into your Instagram Account

  2. Go to your Profile, then press the 3-line icon at top right corner of the screen

  3. Press [Settings]

  4. Press [Switch to Professional Account] - if you can't find this, go to "Account"

Follow the next steps, then connect your Facebook Page, and click NEXT.

If your Instagram is already a Business or Professional Account, follow the steps below to connect it to your Facebook Page.

Step 3 - Connect Your Sociavore Account to Your Instagram Account

  1. Log into your Facebook account

  2. In another browser, log into your Sociavore Social Settings, then Click "Connect an Instagram Account" then select "Yes"

3. Select the Instagram account you want to connect to Sociavore

4. Select the Facebook Page you want to associate with the Instagram Account

You have successfully connected your Instagram account if you see your Instagram account under the Connected Accounts section in your Social Connection settings.

To Display your Instagram posts and images on the website, click on the links below for the step by step instructions:

Connect a Facebook Page

Step 1 - Log in to your Facebook Account, then click "Connect a Facebook Page

Step 2 - Click “Continue” 

Step 3 - Select the Facebook Page that you want to connect, the click “Next”

Step 4 - Click “Done,” then “Ok,” then select the Facebook Page

Step 5 - Create and publish a Facebook Post and display it on your website. Click here to learn how to Publish Posts to the website.

Connect a Twitter Account

Step 1 - Log into your Twitter Account, click “Connect a Twitter Account”

Step 2 - Click “Authorize App”

Step 3 - Create and publish a Tweet Post and display it on your website. Click here to learn how to Publish Posts to the website.

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