Typography Settings

Select font styles, size, and letter spacing across all pages in your website

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To change the font style, size, and/or letter spacing for all the texts across all the pages in your website, click the "Design" Tab from the settings menu on the left side of the page editor and select "Typography."

Note: Design Settings are applied to all elements across all pages of the website.

You can control the style, size, and letter spacing of the following text elements:

  • Navigation Text

  • Headings

  • Buttons

  • Body Text

Navigation Text

These are the texts that appear on the navigation menu on every page of your website. Note that this customization may not be available in some themes. In cases when it is not available, the "Heading Texts" (see below) will be applied to the Navigation text.

Heading Texts

A heading is very similar to a title.ย 

Button Texts

These are texts that appears inside all buttons within your website.

Body Texts

Body texts are usually longer text descriptions that appear after a heading

Font Controls

  1. Font Style - click the dropdown button to load different font styles you can choose from

  2. Base Size - slide to increase / decrease font size

  3. Base font weight - slide to increase / decrease thickness of the character

  4. Letter Spacing - slide to increase / decrease space between letters

  5. Upper / Lower Case - check off the box to choose all capital letters

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