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How to Make Design Elements Match Your Brand Colours
How to Make Design Elements Match Your Brand Colours

Learn how to change font styles, text and button colors, and globally apply it to your entire website

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Design elements are applied to the entire look and feel of your website so you can customize it to match your brand. When you change any of the design settings of these elements, it will be applied globally to the entire website.

Click the links below to learn the specific settings for each element:

  • Typography - these are font styles, size, space for texts that appear on the navigation menu, headings, buttons, and paragraphs.

  • Navigation Menu Colours - you can control the background, page links, and link hover colours on the navigation menu

  • Body Colours - these are colours for the body texts, paragraphs, text links, input fields, buttons, and page background

  • Footer Colours - these are colours for the footer background, text, links, buttons, and input fields.

  • Action Bar Colours - the action bar is a thin strip at the bottom of the page that contains clickable items. You can control the background colour of the strip, text, and/or icons that appear on the strip.

  • Menu Page Side Navigation Colours - if you enable side navigation on your menu page, you can control the colour of the text link, colour on hover, and when clicked.

  • Body Colours for Sections with an Image - page sections that has a dark background image may need a lighter or contrasting text colour. You can control colours for buttons, input fields, overlay colour, header text, body text, and text links.

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