Theme Colors for Sections with an Image

Change the color settings for page sections that contains a background image

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To make the colors uniform throughout the website, all page sections with a background image share the same settings.

Accessing the Color Settings For Sections With Background Image

  • Select the "Design" Tab from the settings menu on the left side of the page editor.

  • Click "Sections With Background Image"

Note: Design Settings are applied to all elements across all website pages.

Text and Link Color Settings

Page sections that has a dark background image may need a lighter or contrasting font color as opposed to a section with a light background.

Button Color Settings

To make a button "pop" on section with a dark image, select a lighter or contrasting color for the button.

Input Fields Color Settings

Also known as "form fields," you can change the color settings of:

  • Input Background Color

  • Input Text Color

Image Overlay Color Settings

You can apply a color over the background image of the page section.

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