Accordion Text

How to create a vertically stacked list of titles that can be clicked to reveal or hide content associated with the title.

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Step 1 - Add the "Accordion Text" Block Section on the Page

On the page you're working on, click "Add Section" from the sidebar, then select add "Accordion Text"

โ€‹Step 2 - Add Accordion Tabs

An accordion tab contains a text title and when clicked, expands to display a longer text description. To add an accordion tab, click "Add block" from the sidebar. You can add as many tabs as needed.

โ€‹Step 3 - Enter a Title & Description on Each Accordion Tab

Step 4 - Re-Arrange the Order of Tabs

From the sidebar, simply drag and drop a tab in the order you want them to appear on the page.

Step 5 - Don't forget to save your work!

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