Add multiple videos on a page

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Step 1 - Add the "Video" section block to the page

On the page you're working on, click "Add section" then add "Video"

Note: The Video section block may not be available in some themes

โ€‹Step 2 - Upload a Background Image (may not be available in some themes)

  • Upload a background image or check off the box to remove

  • Adjust the transparency level, increasing the transparency will make the background image darker

โ€‹Step 3 - Add a Video Block and Enter Video ID

You can add multiple videos on the page. Each "block" represents a video you add. At the moment, only youtube videos are supported.

  • Click "add block"ย 

  • On the youtube video you want to add, click the "Share" button. Copy the video id as seen below, then paste it on the video id field.

Step 4 - Add a Video Title

โ€‹Step 5 - Re-arrange the order of the videos

Simply drag and drop a video block in the order you want them to appear on the page.

Step 6 - Don't forget to save your work!

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