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Send a "Bonus" When Someone Purchases a Digital Gift Card
Send a "Bonus" When Someone Purchases a Digital Gift Card

Learn how to automatically send back a bonus for every Digital Gift Card sold in your GC Campaign

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Promoting your Digital Gift Cards is a great way of maximizing revenue and building brand awareness for your restaurant. You can run a gift card campaign by incentivizing customers with a reward or "bonus" whenever they purchase a digital gift card for themselves or for someone else.

The bonus value can be redeemed through a discount code. To enable the gift card bonus feature, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Go to the Gift Cards Dashboard

Click the "Settings" tab to access your available Gift Cards. If you haven't created one yet, click here to learn more on how to create digital & physical gift cards for your restaurant.

Step 2 - Check "Add a bonus promotion" on the Digital Gift Card

Click the "edit" icon of the gift card you want to enable the bonus.

Check the "Add a bonus promotion" box and enter the bonus value and expiration date. When someone purchases this gift card, the bonus value (eg. $20) is emailed to the purchaser with a discount code valued at $20 that they can use to purchase anything from your website.

You can choose to defer the activation of the bonus amount to a future date.

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