Manage Gift Card Purchase History

Learn how view gift card transactions, manually add redemptions, and manually change gift card balance

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View Gift Card Orders

Click the "Store" tab from the left side menu, then hover over the store icon and select "Gift Cards"

Click the "Gift Cards" Tab to view all Gift Card Orders

When a gift card is used to purchase a product, the table will reflect the initial value of the gift card and it's remaining balance.

View Gift Card Buyer Contact Information

To view the customer's contact details, hover over the customer's name, then click the arrow to view the customer's contact information.

View Card Details & Transaction History

Click the line item you want to view. Here, you can:

  • manually add a redemption or manually change the balance of the gift card

  • view gift card creation date

  • view card balance (automatically updates the balance when a redemption is made)

  • link to the order details of the gift card

  • add a note

  • resend the card to the recipient

Any online redemptions or manual changes will reflect on the card history

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