Custom Modal

Learn how to add a Modal or Call-To-Attention screen to your website.

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A custom modal or "call-to-action" screen for website visitors appears in the foreground of your website. Similar to a popup window, you can set the button on the modal screen to close the modal and let the visitor continue viewing the website; or you can set a redirect URL when the button is clicked.

(may not be available on some themes)

Modals are useful for prompting a website visitor to do something such as click a button and redirect them to a promotion you're currently running, communicating a small announcement or an event, or even just welcoming them to your website. The idea is to prompt visitors about something you'd like them to know immediately when visit your website.

Step 1 - On the page you're working on, click "Add Section" from the sidebar, then select and add "Custom Modal"

Step 2 - Customize the settings of how you want your Modal to look by adding a background image, a logo, and text.

You can add multiple CTA blocks on the modal.

Step 3 - Choose how you want your button to function.

  • You can enter a URL on the "Button Link" field to redirect the visitor to another page in your site or to another website entirely; or

  • You can set the modal screen to close by checking off the "Should this button close modal" checkbox. If this is checked and a link is present, the link will be ignored and the modal screen will close.

Step 4 - Don't forget to save your work!

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