Sociavore allows users to give their customers different options to order online:

  1. Integrations (e.g. Google Food Ordering)

  2. Your Other Online Ordering Service Providers & Third-Parties (Pickup, Delivery)

Preferred Online Ordering Service Providers

Sociavore online ordering menus that are visible automatically show up on the Preferred list.

In addition, users can add online ordering links of other service providers with an option to make them "Preferred."

To connect your service providers with your Sociavore website, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Access the Online Order Settings

  1. Click the dropdown arrow from the avatar on the top right corner of the dashboard

  2. Click "Account Settings."

  3. Click "Online Ordering" on the right-hand panel. 

Sociavore menus automatically show up on the Preferred list when they have the following menu settings:

Visibility: on

Online ordering: on

Fulfillment: Pickup, delivery, or both

You can edit settings for each menu on the Menus dashboard > Menus tab. If you haven't set up your online ordering menu yet or if you want to edit the settings, here is a tutorial.

To set up or edit your pickup and delivery schedules, here is an article.

Step 2 - Connect Your Online Order or Delivery Service

  1. Click "Add Ordering Link."

  2. Enter "Service Name."

  3. Paste in the URL of your restaurant's online ordering service.

  4. Check "Preferred ordering link" if you want the service to be listed under the "Preferred" tab in the online ordering modal.

    If unchecked, the added service will be listed under the "Other" tab in the online ordering modal.

  5. Select supported fulfillment: Delivery and/ or Pickup then save.

Step 3 - Hide Default Link to Activate the Online Ordering Modal

By default, Sociavore adds a link (/order) in your website navigation. Toggle on this option to hide this link.

When toggled off, the "Ordering" link will be not be displayed on your website's navigation. Also, when a user goes to, he'll be redirected to the default menu page.

When toggled on, an "Ordering" link will be displayed on your website's navigation. When clicked, an online ordering modal would pop up where he can choose "Preferred" or "Other" service providers. Also, when a user goes to, the online ordering modal would pop up.

Step 4 - Add a Marketplace Disclaimer

This feature lets users add text to discourage customers to order from online ordering service providers that are not on the "Preferred" list.

You can customize the note and toggle it on to display it.

On the order page, when a customer selects "Other," the note would be displayed above the list of "Other" service providers.

Step 5 - Activate the Order Option on the Mobile Action Bar

On any page you're working on, click "Mobile Action Bar" from the sidebar settings. Click "Add Block" then select "Order" 

When the Order button is activated on the Mobile Action Bar, users on a mobile device can press the [Order] button from the screen and redirect them to your order/delivery service. Click here to learn more about Action Bar Settings.

Step 6 - Don't forget to save your work!

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