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How to turn on Square Gift Cards support
How to turn on Square Gift Cards support
Updated over a week ago

Do you already have Square gift cards that you've sold that you'd like your guests to be able to use at checkout? Sociavore makes it easy to accept Square gift cards on your restaurant website, allowing you to seamlessly integrate this feature into your online ordering system.

Here are the steps to take to enable Square gift card support on your new Sociavore website.

  1. Log in to your Sociavore dashboard at

  2. Go to Store > Ecommerce Settings > Payments

  3. Once Square is connected, check of the 'Enable gift cards' option

  4. It will prompt you to login and authorize Sociavore to access your Square Gift Cards

  5. Once you approve this permission, Sociavore can now accept Square Gift Cards at checkout!

Enabling Square Gift Cards allows you to accept both Sociavore and Square Gift Cards at checkout using the same field.

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