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How to Set Up the Lightning Dashboard
How to Set Up the Lightning Dashboard
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The Lightning Dashboard (Host App) is an intuitive dashboard designed for the restaurant host or front-of-house staff to manage front-of-the-house operations between different restaurant locations during service hours. With the Lightning Dashboard, restaurant hosts can manage orders and waitlists, adjust order availability and lead times, and mark menu items and modifiers as out of stock.

Accessing the Lightning Dashboard

You can log in at using your Sociavore credentials to start using the Lightning Dashboard.

After logging in, you will see the main dashboard. On top, you'll see which restaurant location is selected, your connection status, any CloudPRNT printer statuses, and a link to our help desk. Below you'll see the Order and Waitlist management.

If you don't see the waitlist, you must first set it up in your Sociavore account. Here is an article on enabling this feature and learning more about Sociavore Waitlist.

Add the Lightning Dashboard to Your iPad Homescreen

If you're using an iPad to manage orders and the waitlist, you can easily access the Lighnight Dashboard by adding it to your Ipad Homescreen.

  • From the iPad browser, access the Lightning Dashboard page and log in.

  • Click the Share icon and select Add to Home Screen.

  • Click Add.

That's it! A new icon with Sociavore's logo will appear on your iPad screen. You can click that shortcut to get to the Lightning Dashboard without hassle!

Manage Orders

Click [ORDER MANAGEMENT] from the main dashboard. This will show you all the orders for today. The left side of the Order Management screen has three tabs that will show you orders by status.

  • Future - orders to be fulfilled later today

  • Active - orders to be fulfilled now

  • Done - orders fulfilled today

Switch Locations

From inside Order Management, click the location on the upper right, then click the first dropdown and select a different restaurant location to start managing the activities of that location.

Adjust the Order Availability and Lead Times

From inside Order Management, click the location on the upper right. You'll see the options to pause orders and adjust the pickup and delivery lead times for each menu.

Pause Orders

Click [PAUSE ORDERS] to stop taking orders for that menu. When ready to retake orders, click [RESTART ORDERS].

Adjust Lead Times

If you estimate that orders will take longer to prepare, you can adjust the pickup or delivery lead time. Click the time field next to Pickup or Deliver and select the appropriate estimated time.

Note: It will change for all menus attached to that pickup or delivery schedule when you change the time.

Mark Items as Out of Stock

From inside Order Management, click the location on the upper right. Click [MENU ITEMS] or [MODIFIER GROUPS], then select whether the item is available or sold out.

The Available or Sold Out button turns dark after selecting.

Manage Waitlist

To manage the waitlist, go back to the main dashboard by clicking the [ ฮž ] icon on the upper left to go back to the main dashboard, then click [WAITLIST MANAGEMENT]. This will show all parties on your waitlist and options to notify them when their table is ready or remove them from the list. You can also add a new party and adjust the estimated waiting time.

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