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How to Manage Orders in the Lightning Dashboard
How to Manage Orders in the Lightning Dashboard
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The Lightning Dashboard (Host App) is an intuitive dashboard designed for the restaurant host or front-of-house staff to manage front-of-the-house operations during service hours, such as Managing Orders.

Access the Lightning Dashboard

You can log in at using your Sociavore credentials to start using the Lightning Dashboard.

After logging in, you will see the main dashboard. On top, you'll see which restaurant location is selected, your online status, printer connection, and a link to our help desk. Below you'll see the Order and Waitlist management.

View Orders

When a new order comes in, there will be a sound alert showing you the screen below. Click [VIEW ORDER] or click [ORDER MANAGEMENT] from the main dashboard.

The left side of the Order Management screen has three tabs that will show you orders by status.

  • Future - orders to be fulfilled later today

  • Active - orders to be fulfilled now

  • Done - orders fulfilled today

The right side will show you the order details; at the bottom, you can update the order's status.

You will know if the order is for pickup when you see a take-out box icon next to the order# and a motorcycle icon for delivery.

If you're using DoorDash for deliveries, you'll see the driver's name, contact number, and estimated arrival time. If you haven't set it up, here is an article on how to set up the DoorDash driver network to manage deliveries.

Review The Order

Click the order record on the right side to show the order details. At the bottom of the order details, you'll see the subtotal, tip, taxes, fees, total, and payment status.

Process the Order

After reviewing the order, click the button at the bottom of the order details to update the order status:

  • Acknowledge Order - click to indicate that the order is being prepared

  • Mark Ready - click to indicate that the order is ready for pickup or delivery

  • To Archive - click to indicate that the order has been picked up or delivered. The order record will move to the Done tab.

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