For the ability to allow customers to purchase products or menu items, checkout and pay online, our payment processor is Square (it takes about 15mins to create an account and rates decrease after 45 days based on volume). To signup for an account go to:

We like Square for online payments because it's a flat % fee regardless of card type, payments are deposited next day, and they have really simple and powerful reporting. Because online payments are charged as 'card not present/manual entry', the rates (eg. Moneris) would be higher than what you pay for in-person credit card transactions.


  1. Click "Store" from the main dashboard, then select "Ecommerce Settings" from the sidebar.

  2. Click the "Payments" tab, then click "Start Using Square"

  3. Log into your Square account. If you don't have one yet, you can sign-up for an account here

Note: If you encounter issues when connecting your Square account, use this link to reconnect your account (in other words, do not put https://www in the beginning of the URL)

Make sure that the location address in your Sociavore account matches the business location listed in your Square account. Click here to learn how to change the location address in your Sociavore account.

Also make sure that the store currency setting in your Sociavore account matches the currency in your Square account.

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