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How to create a tracked pitch link for a song
How to create a tracked pitch link for a song
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Every tracked Songspace pitch has a unique URL that logs views, plays, and downloads.

Those stats and the pitch attributes you enter can be searched and filtered in the pitch log.

This feature requires either a Creator or Business subscription. To learn more about a Creator or Business subscription, click here.

Create a tracked pitch link for a song

To pitch a single song, right-click the song in catalog and select Pitch song… from the menu.

You can also pitch a song directly from the song project by clicking Pitch song... in the toolbar.

Tracked pitch settings

Create or customize

After you've applied the necessary settings and created the link, you can continue customization or copy the link and send it out as is.

1. Select 'Create & Get Link' to generate the unique URL for the pitch.

2. Select 'Customize' to open the pitch edit modal and continue working on the pitch.

3. Select 'Preview' to preview the pitch without adding any stats to it.

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