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How do I add a recipient to a tracked pitch link?
How do I add a recipient to a tracked pitch link?
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When selecting the settings for a tracked pitch link, you can add a recipient to the link. This does not send the link to the person you add, it just helps you keep tabs on who you sent the link to. The recipient is a contact that will be referenced from (or added to) your network.

Adding this information is optional, but it will help you later when you're referencing your pitches in your Pitch Log.

Here's how to create a tracked pitch link with a recipient:

1. Click the Pitch button from the options in the top bar of a song project, playlist folder or Release or create a custom pitch.

2. This will open a modal where you can set link preferences. You can add a recipient by typing in a name in the Recipient Name field and select the matching result by clicking Add. You can also create a new contact by clicking Create New.

After selecting the matching result or creating a new one, the name will appear in the recipient field.

3. Click Create & Get Link to create the pitch and get the link to send out.

Note: This feature requires either a Creator or Business subscription. To learn more about a Creator or Business subscription, here.

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