Pitching a song will allow you to see how many times the recipient views the song, plays the song, and downloads the song from that pitch.

You can also see the total historical stats for the song you've pitched so you can know how many times that song has been viewed, played, or downloaded across all relevant pitches. Here's how:

Via a Song Project

1) Go to the song project.

2) Click the more / 3 dots button in the top-right corner of the song project.

3) Click Pitch stats.

This view shows you the total (1) views, (2) plays, and (3) downloads for the song. For plays, green represents a full play, yellow represents a partial play, and red represents a skip.

Below these stats, you can also see a list of all of the pitches that the song has been included in:

 Via the Pitch Log

1) Go to your pitch log.

2) Go to the Song performance tab.

3) Find the song either by scrolling through the list or by typing the name of the song in the search bar.

This view will show you how many total historical views, plays, and downloads the song has had across all pitches it's been included in.

You can also sort this tab by Views, Plays, and Downloads to see which songs have the most of each statistic. Just click the column header you'd like to sort the list by.

Pitching requires a Creator or Business subscription - to learn more, click here.

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