Let’s add your catalog to Songspace!

Once you have your catalog uploaded, you’ll be able to have the full picture of how powerful it is to host your catalog in Songspace.

This article will teach you how to quickly and efficiently add your catalog to Songspace.

Step 1: Create Your Playlist Structure

Creating an organizational structure before uploading your catalog will save you time! It's more efficient to upload your catalog into an existing playlist rather than uploading everything into an empty catalog and then organizing after the fact.

We recommend creating a playlist for each creator that you represent, then uploading that creator’s catalog into their corresponding playlist.

To create a playlist, right click on the catalog you’d like to add a playlist to, then select “New playlist folder”.

Our Smart Playlist feature could also aid in setting up your account’s organizational structure.

Step 2: Bulk Upload Recordings

The quickest way to use the bulk uploader is to:

  1. Select the playlist you are uploading into by clicking on the title in the left-hand catalog list.

  2. Drag & drop the recordings into the selected playlist from your desktop, hard drive, or iTunes.

Another option is to select the playlist or catalog you wish to upload into, click the orange "+" button and choose "Add recordings" - like below.

Note: Anything you upload to Songspace is automatically converted into a 320kbps MP3 and is what streams from the platform. We store the original file and that file can always be downloaded.

Step 3: Add Metadata

When your recordings have finished processing, you will be able to proceed to the "Review" phase of the bulk uploading process by clicking "Continue".

Here you are able to add and edit metadata to the recordings and songs. If you don’t want to add metadata at this step, or you don’t have the metadata on hand, you can always add it later with our bulk editing tools!

A few tricks:

  • Add multiple recording versions to the same song project . If you want the master, instrumental, worktape, and/or demo to be umbrellaed under the same song, you will want to use this feature! If you don't, we will create a song out of each recording you've added. To do this, select the various versions/recordings of the same song, then select the "Add to existing song" option in the top right. You can either add to an existing song in your catalog OR create a new song. You can find our support article that covers this step of the process here.

  • Edit common fields. ​Use this action to update shared attributes, such as Release fields, on multiple recordings at the same time.

  • Bulk-apply tags and genres. ​Select some or all of the recordings then click the Add tags and genres from the toolbar. If you do not select this option, it will only apply the tags and genres to the recording level.

Step 4: Review

When you click "Continue", you will be taken to the "Processing Queue" where you are able to review everything you will upload. Once you’re done reviewing, select "Add Recordings." Everything is now added to your Songspace catalog.

Step 5: Do a little jig!

This portion of your catalog is in your account! :)

Moving forward, you can add / edit metadata by clicking into the song or by using our bulk edit tools.

A note for Business clients: If you have a large catalog, please contact support@songspace.com. Our team will be in touch to assess whether our backend pipeline is a fit for you. Not a business client? Upgrade here!

Need help? Contact support@songspace.com or chat us and our team will reply within 24 hours.

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