Adding songwriting credits and splits
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Keeping track of a song's songwriter and publishing credits and splits can be difficult. With Songspace, it's easy to manage all of the data related to your songs in one place.

You can view and edit songwriting and publishing credits and splits in the Rights info tab of each song project. These splits and credits will also display in the Publishing info section of the song's corresponding page on links that you send out (depending on what you choose to display - to learn more about that, check out the linked articles at the bottom of this article.)

Adding a songwriter to a song project

1. Go to the Rights info tab of the song project.

2. Click the Credit writer on song project button.

3. Start typing in the name of the songwriter that you want to credit on the song. If you have already credited this person on a song before, their contact will show up for you. Click on the existing contact to credit them on the song. If you have never credited this person on a song before, you will need to create a contact for them by clicking NEW to the far right of their name.

4. Once you've either selected their existing contact or created a new one for them, click Credit Writer.

5. Now that the songwriter is credited on the song, you can add their publisher if you happen to know it. Adding a publisher is the same as adding a writer - start typing the publisher's name in the Enter Publishing Name field and either click on the existing contact for the publisher or click NEW to create one for them. You can also read more about adding publishing agreements to writers here.

6. Once you've added a publisher (or left that field blank you do not know the publisher), you have 3 options. You can either:

A) Click Advanced Publishing Info to continue editing the writer's agreement and details.

B) Click Enter/View Writer Split to add the writer's split percentage on the song. If you have Manual splits selected, you can enter whatever number you'd like. If you have Even splits selected, all of the credited writers will be given an even, divided split based on the number of writers credited on the song.

C) Click Add Another Member to add another songwriter to the song project.

D) Click Done to be taken back to the Publishing information tab of song project.

7. Make sure to save your changes to the song project by clicking the green Save button in the top right corner of the page.

Editing songwriting credits on a song project

1. Go to the Publishing Information tab of the song project.

2. Click the more / 3 dots button to the far right of the songwriter's name and select Edit contact.

3. This will open up a modal that allows you to edit the songwriter's contact directly from the song project. You can edit any details related to their contact: name, location, PRO, point of contact, publishing agreements, etc.

4. To edit the songwriter's split percentage on the song, simply hover over and click on their current split percentage to start typing their new one.

5. To save any changes you may have made, be sure to click the green Save button in the top right corner of the song.

You can also edit all of your contacts in one place via your Network - to learn how to do that, click here. 

Now that you know how to add songwriting credits and splits to your songs, here are some other support articles that may help you:

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