You can sort songs in your catalog and playlist folders by:

  • Title

  • Artist

  • Rating

  • Modified date

  • Added date

  • Creation date

  • Released date

  • ISRC

  • UPC

  • BPM

  • Duration

  • Release

  • Master Rights

For playlists, you can also sort by the manually reordered order that you may have saved previously.

It's worth mentioning that this is different from filtering songs to show only those from a specific time frame or that fit a certain search criteria. Click here to learn how to filter songs in your catalog.

If you don't see the column headers that you want to sort by, you can add them to your catalog view. Click here to learn how to customize the column headers in your catalog view.

Here's how to sort the display of songs in your catalog or playlist.

1. To sort by a column, click the column header to sort the songs.

2. Once you've selected the column header that you'd like to sort your catalog by, you can click the column header again to make the songs appear in ascending or descending order. Using the image above as an example, if I clicked on the Title header again, the songs would be sorted in descending order by Title instead of ascending.

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