The Files tab contains files that you’ve uploaded or added to your catalog. This tab contains PDFs, images, text files, and more. You can access your files by clicking the Files tab in a catalog or playlist folder.

File searching

You can perform a local search in the Files tab that will return all files matching your search criteria. To learn more about searching, click here.

File sorting

Just like in My songs, you can sort your files. You can sort your files by:

  • Name/Title

  • Artist/Description

  • Type

  • Modified Date

File options

You can perform a lot of file tasks without actually having to open the file.

Just like in My songs, these options can be accessed by right-clicking a file or you can select a file and the Catalog toolbar will appear above.

Note: Multiple file options are only accessible via Catalog toolbar.

Here are the options for single files:

  • Download file

  • Share file

  • File details

  • Rename file

  • Add to folder

  • Make Public/Private

  • Delete

Here are the options for multiple files:

  • Add to folder

  • Make Public

  • Make Private

  • Delete

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