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How do I include files in my pitch?
How do I include files in my pitch?
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If you're wanting to include files in your pitch, you have a couple of options.

1) Pitching a playlist folder with files

If you're pitching a playlist folder that already has files in it, simply turn the toggle on to Include files and create the pitch as you usually would.

*If you don't know how to add files to your playlist folders, click here to learn more.

This will include the non-audio files in the playlist folder in the pitch. This includes any images, text documents, and PDFs that you've uploaded to that playlist folder.

2) Creating a custom pitch with files 

If you're creating a custom pitch, simply click the orange + button in your catalog and select New pitch...

Enter all of the information you want in the pitch creation modal and apply your desired settings. When you're ready to continue, click Create & Customize.

The pitch edit modal will appear and contains a Files section. Drag your files into this section.

Once you've got your pitch ready to send out, click the Save button. Copy the link by clicking the chain link icon and send it out however you'd like.

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