When you share or pitch a playlist, there's a toggle that allows you to control whether people can download the songs included. But if you share a playlist with public files, people can download those files regardless of the toggle.

Important Note: The 'Allow Downloading' toggle only applies for recordings.

You may not want to have files attached to your playlist to be accessible to everyone, so here's how to set up your playlist and control the privacy of your files.

1. If you want files to be attached to a playlist, you can click the playlist to view it and then drag & drop files into the playlist OR use the Upload files option from the + button menu.

2. Once you've uploaded your files, you can view them in the Files tab. Here you can choose whether you want the files to be public or private. Private files will not appear on the pitch. To set the file privacy, right-click on the file and click Make Public or Make Private.

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