Looking at your Catalog, you'll notice that there are 4 different tabs at the top: Songs, Recordings, Releases, and Files.

Here's an overview of each:


Songs are the projects that allow you to collaborate with others. Songs hold all of the information surrounding the song.

You can add members, an image, a description, lyrics, genres, tags, moods, themes iTunes MP3 Comments, recordings, notes, files, Custom Song ID, ISWC, HFA Song ID, ASCAP Song ID, BMI Song ID, SESAC Song ID, CCLI Song ID, MRI Song ID, writers, writer splits, and a creation date.

You can also send out links to these songs via sharing or pitching, where you can give recipients the ability to download the recording(s) associated to the song if you'd like.

Note: Pitching is for Creator or Business users only. To learn more, click here.


You can add multiple recordings (as many as you want) to any song in your catalog. For example, a song might have an instrumental, a demo, and a master.

You can edit the following fields on recordings:

  • Recording Type

  • Master Rights

  • Current rights owner name

  • Recording is Primary Recording

  • Parental Warning Type

  • Recording is instrumental

  • Recording Contains Sample(s)

  • Recording version

  • BPM

  • Duration

  • Key

  • Tempo

  • Decade

  • Time signature

  • Language

  • Original title

  • Display title

  • Original sub title

  • Display sub title

  • Preferred ISRC

  • Artist Name

  • Custom Display Artist Name

  • Contributors

  • Commissioned by

  • Release Record Label(s)

  • Recording has been released

  • First Released Year

  • First Released Date

  • Release information

  • Advanced Details

  • Genres

  • Tags

  • Moods

  • Themes

  • Vocals

  • Instruments

  • Notes

Note: You can also bulk edit recording metadata! No need to edit them one at a time. To learn more about bulk editing, click here.


Releases are the releases (or albums) that your songs are associated to via the song's recording(s). Releases contain multiple fields you can edit, such as Title, Artist, Label, Total tracks, Original release date, Original release year, and more.

You can read more about Releases here.


Files are the non-audio files that you have uploaded to your Songspace account.

You can add a variety of non-audio files to playlists and they will be attached to playlist shares and pitches, should you choose to display them.

You can upload text files, zip files, images, PDFs, and more!

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