Smart Playlists are playlist folders that you can select criteria for so that any song that meets that criteria will automatically be added to it. You can use Smart Playlists to find all songs that match certain criteria or you can use them to filter out songs missing various attributes. To create a Smart Playlist:

1. Click the orange + button in your catalog.

2. Select New smart playlist...

3. In the modal that appears, enter the title for the new Smart Playlist. Then use the drop-down arrows to select the desired criteria for your new Smart Playlist.

Setting up your new Smart Playlist

1. First, you can select where the songs will come from. You can either select one team catalog or you can select everywhere. If you select a team catalog, the Smart Playlist will be listed in that catalog and can be shared with your company. If you select everywhere, the Smart Playlist will be in the Smart Playlists section of your account, located on the left-hand side underneath your playlist folders and catalogs. Smart Playlists that search a specific team catalog can be shared with your company, while Smart Playlists that search everywhere cannot.

2. Second, select how you'd like for the criteria to be met. You can select to match ALL of the criteria, ANY of the criteria, or NONE of the criteria.

3. Lastly, you can select the rules that you want the songs to meet. You can select from various attributes for Songs, Recordings, and Releases.

Simply click on the attribute that you'd like to use and enter the corresponding value in the field that will appear. You can also add additional rules by clicking the + button to the right of the first attribute.

5. Click Create when you're done and your new Smart Playlist will be added to your account. Any songs that meet the criteria you selected will automatically be added to it from now on - there's no need for you to manually add new songs to it.

Note: Smart Playlists are for Business users only. To learn more about upgrading to Business, click here.

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