Not familiar with Smart Playlists? Learn how to create one here!

When you create a Smart Playlist, you get to decide where the songs will come from. You can choose between a team catalog that you have access to or you can choose everywhere (which will search all of the team catalogs that you have access to).

To share a Smart Playlist with your company, the Smart Playlist must be created from and live in a team catalog as opposed to your personal Smart Playlists section of your account. You'll notice that any Smart Playlists created out of a team catalog are listed directly under the catalog name:

To share a Smart Playlist with your company:

1. Click the title of the Smart Playlist to view it.

2. Click the lock / Share with organization button above the list of songs.

Anyone who has access to that team catalog will now have access to your Smart Playlist that you've just shared with your company.

Note: Smart Playlists are for Business users only. To learn more about upgrading to Business, click here.

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