Introducing a new feature in Songspace that will help you manage your metadata better - Internal Tags!

We heard from you time and time again - "We want to be able to choose if a tag can be seen publically. Some tags are just for us and some of our tags are so our share links, pitches, and projects are dynamic for clients." Ask and you shall receive!

Internal Tags and (Public) Tags

Now, you can decide if a tag is Internal or Public:

  • Use Internal Tags to manage tag data for internal use only.

  • Use Tags for searchable, public tag data.

For example,

  • I want to create an internal tag that lets me search for songs my publishing company owns 100% of (no splits). I will create an Internal Tag called "Publishing All In." This tag should not be visible to clients but can be used by my team to pull lists and reports.

  • When I pitch a song to a supervisor looking for upbeat songs, I will tag my song with "Upbeat" so that when they’re reviewing my pitch they’ll quickly find what they need.

House Keeping

Any tags that were added to Songs or Recordings before August 1st, 2021 were migrated to the Internal Tag field for you. We did not want to assume what was public vs private for you.

Tags that were added to Releases remain listed as Tags and will be public. This functionality existed for releases prior to introducing the new Internal Tag field.

Moving forward, anything listed in the Tag field will be visible on share links and tracked pitches like below!

Questions? Email and ask about Public vs Internal Tagging.

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