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What is the Classic Rifle Adapter?
What is the Classic Rifle Adapter?
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The Classic Rifle Adapter is a small CNC machined adapter that is supplied as standard with all of our Javelin family of bipods and is designed to fit the majority of classic hunting rifle stocks constructed from most materials.

The adapter features our standard 'Classic' design 12mm socket which has a hole in its base to accept the 5mm or 5/32" UNF ferritic stainless steel screws that we supply with the adapter to secure it to the rifle stock.

It is the screw of the Classic Rifle Adapter that forms the magnetic attachment with the magnetic spigot of the bipod/tripod.

The Classic Rifle Adapter is designed to work with the following Spartan products:

  • Javelin range of bipods

  • Sentinel tripods

  • Ascent tripod

  • Davros head

  • Pro Davros head

Check out the article below for installation instructions.

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