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Classic Key Mod Adapter - Product Guide
Classic Key Mod Adapter - Product Guide
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The Classic Key Mod Adapter enables our range of Spartan Javelin Bipods, Ascent and Sentinel Tripods, and Davros Heads to be attached and detached in seconds to rifles with genuine Key Mod accessory rails.

1. In the kit

  • Key Mod Adapter

2. Installation Guide

Installing our Classic Keymod Adapter couldn't be more simple. Loosen off the screws so you can place the adapter on the rail and push it forward into the thinner section of the key mod rail. Tighten the screws and you are ready to shoot.

Orientation of the Classic Key Mod adapter is dependent on the user, however, most orientate the adapter with the large cut away on the left-hand side of the firearm so that when the locking lever is facing towards the target, the bipod is in "Hunt Mode" and you can track targets.

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