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What other options are there for installing a Classic Rifle Adapter?
What other options are there for installing a Classic Rifle Adapter?

Rifle doesn't have a sling swivel fitted? Existing sling swivel is bonded in place? Existing stud is loose or weak?

Written by Rob Gipson
Updated over a week ago

The Classic Rifle Adapter is designed to be surface mounted to the stock of most classically shaped hunting rifle stocks. This is done by replacing the existing sling swivel stud and attaching the adapter using the existing female thread in the rifle stock.

In some cases, this might not be possible or desirable. This article provides some suggestions for alternative installation options.

In this example, the rifle stock has a sling swivel that is secured to the stock on its inner face by a locking nut and washer.

(The stock in the images below is only used to illustrate the main points discussed.)

In this case, the easiest option would be to use one of the engineering screws supplied with the bipod and a suitable nut & washer to fit this thread and simply tighten the adapter onto the stock in the normal way.

The Classic Rifle Adapter can be 'bolted through' the stock using a backing nut & washer

Ideally, you want to use one of the supplied screws to achieve this, as the heads of these screws are sized to fit into the countersunk hole inside the socket of the adapter.

We supply your screws in a specific ferritic stainless steel composition that despite being 'stainless steel' they offer the magnetism required to attach the bipod & tripods, whilst resisting corrosion.

It is the screw of the Classic Rifle Adapter that forms the magnetic attachment with the magnetic spigot of the bipod/tripod.

In some rifle stocks, there may not be sufficient room between the bottom of the barrel & the inner face of the stock to fit a conventional lock nut & washer. An option in these cases would be to combine the adapter screw with a 'T-Nut' (these are sometimes called 'Rivet Nuts' or 'Pronged Nuts'.)

These nuts work very well with wood stocks where their prongs can grip the material and prevent unwanted rotation. The shank of the nut is threaded on the inside so that once the screw is tightened the top face of the nut is left almost flush with the stock.

There are other options for users struggling to fit the Classic Rifle Adapter. These may arise for a number of reasons, namely:

  • There isn't a sling swivel fitted.

  • The existing sling swivel bonded in place and can't be removed.

  • The existing stud is loose or weak (this is common where metal wood screws have enlarged the fitting hole in the stock.)

  • A second adapter needs to be fitted on the stock closer to the rifle action.

Stud Insert

An excellent option in these situations, especially for solid stocks, is installing a 'Stud Insert' in the stock. These small fittings are designed to be inlet into the rifle stock and bonded in place so that they are flush with the surface of the stock.

The considerations & process involved in installing these are broadly similar to installing our Classic Gunsmith Adapter which is covered in detail here:

The process is fairly straightforward for these little fittings, which can also be used to mount conventional sling swivel studs should you wish to remove the adapter. (The matching thread size & pitch would need to be obtained.)

If you need any advice concerning the installation of your Classic Rifle Adapter please contact us so we can talk through the options with you.

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