Advanced Listing Campaign Goals

Learn more about Spoke's new Advanced Listing campaign goals.

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What are campaign goals? 🎯

When creating a digital ad it is important to consider what you are wanting to get out of the campaign or in other words what return do you want from the money you are about to spend?

Spoke's new campaign goals let you to configure your campaign to use settings and targeting that is more geared towards your desired return.

There are 3 goals that you can select from -

  1. Maximise Leads ('Leads') - focuses on getting your listing a high volume of leads using advanced Facebook and Instagram strategies.

  2. Maximise Leads and Exposure ('Blended') - focuses on getting your listing the necessary exposure to deliver solid lead volume.

  3. Get Exposure ('Exposure') goal - focuses on getting your listing in front of your target audience, without necessarily attracting leads.

These goals give you the flexibility to have more say in what outcome you want from the campaign. This allows you to better spend your agency's and vendor's marketing budget on what is of value to you.

1. Maximise Leads goal πŸ“§

The Leads goal looks to bring in as many leads as possible that can be achieved within the targeting and package restraints you set. This goal uses an in-app form within Facebook which is pre-filled with the user's contact information making it an effortless process for buyers and sellers to enquire.

When should I use this goal?

This Leads goal is perfect for those who want high lead volume for their digital ads. This could be to build your database, boost the number of leads for a struggling listing or if you simply prefer higher lead volume this strategy is for you.

​Networks: Facebook and Instagram

Min spend: $200

2. Maximise Leads and Exposure goal πŸ”

The Blended goal looks to create a balanced strategy that has a perfect combination of exposure and leads. This goal will maximise your reach with Spoke's classic Exposure goal but packs an extra punch with our new Leads goal.
​When should I use this goal?

The goal is great for those wanting a nice balance of leads and healthy brand exposure for you and your listing.

Networks: Facebook, Instagram and Google

Min spend: $300

3. Maximise Exposure πŸ‘€ - Previously known as Get exposure

The Maximise exposure goal is Spoke's classic campaign that you've grown to love and which we've now improved to bring the performance in line with higher standards.

This goal directs users to the landing page of your choice and is structured to generate as much traffic (clicks and views) that can be achieved within the targeting and package restraints you set.

This goal also uses our newly released Intent Targeting technology, bringing unmatched campaign performance with up to 74% more impressions - or in other words, 74% more eyes!

When should I use this goal?

This is the perfect strategy for you if you are wanting to generate as much exposure to your listing as possible and you don't mind low lead volume.
​Networks: Facebook and Instagram

Recommended min spend: $200

How to best manage these new leads 🀝

To get the most out of a Spoke lead it is important how you manage them. Below are some articles on areas that can help you get the most out of your leads -

Get started βœ…

To create a campaign using the new Advanced Listing goals simply click the button below and select 'Advertising a Listing for Sale' campaign type and a goal that suits your needs!

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