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How Travelers share their unique referral link
How Travelers share their unique referral link

Trip Organizers can launch referral programs for travelers to refer their friends. Travelers can find the link in their Traveler Portal.

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Intended Audience: For Travelers who want to locate their trip referral link and share it with their friends. For Organizers who want to know how travelers can get access to their referral link.

Article Summary: Travelers have access to their referral link within their Traveler Portal. When they scroll below the payment schedule, they should see "Refer and receive" with a unique URL. This URL can be shared and trip reservations generated using this link will be tracked by the Trip Organizer.

Table of Contents:

How to access locate the Refer & Receive URL

☝️ Travelers should check with their Trip Organizer to confirm that a referral program has been activated for their trip. If there's no referral program, a link will not be present in the Traveler Portal.

  1. Log in to your Traveler Portal

  2. Scroll past the Payment Schedule

  3. Locate the Refer and Receive box

  4. Copy the URL and Share it with your community!

How to track the number of referrals

Some Trip Organizers might put a maximum earning amount for referrals. If there's a maximum, you'll see a "0/#" to the right of the copy icon. This is the maximum number of referrals you can make that will earn a reward.
If there's no maximum set, you'll see a "0/Unlimited" to the right of the copy icon. This means travelers can make as many referrals as they would like and earn a reward.

The URL will always work as long as the trip is published and still receiving bookings. However, the Trip Organizer will only pay up to the maximum number of referrals.

When someone books a trip using your URL, you'll see the first number increase (e.g. 1/10).

How to receive the referral reward

Trip Organizers will pay the referral reward. Sometimes they do so by offering complimentary Add-Ons, comping a part of the trip, or issuing a payout via PayPal after the trip.

All payout policies are organized and managed by the Trip Organizer. Any questions regarding payments and payouts should be directed toward them.

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