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How to update your basic profile
Updated over a week ago

Update Profile

Basic Profile

To update your profile, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Business Portal

  2. Click on the Profile tab on the left hand side of the screen

  3. Click Basic Profile under the Profile tab

  4. Click 'Edit Profile' in the top right corner

  5. Update your logo, cover image, description, and social media URL's as required.

  6. Once you are happy with your changes, press the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Note: Full URLs are required for website and social media links. Username only is not sufficient.

Some changes need to be made internally by the SQUID Team

Update Business Name

To request to update your business name please fill in this form:

Update Address/Map Location

To request to update the address or the map location please fill in this form:

Update Existing Scheme

To request to update an existing scheme please fill in this form:

Note: We need a minimum of 48 hours (Monday - Friday) notice for all change requests.

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